Tuesday, December 25, 2007

An Ending And A Beginning

OK, so, here's the thing...I have been really bad about reviewing my comics on here. Or really posting much of anything. I plan on changing that. Soon.

There are many reasons for the silence.

I haven't had the time to post. Which isn't totally true. I have had the time, I have just chosen to use it to do other things. Playing cards with my roommate. Watching movies or television. Reading books. Bumming around online.

I haven't had the energy to post. This is closer to true. Work has been hard on me, especially over the last month. Working at a retail store, this time of year is a nightmare. Add to that a general lethargy and poor sleep habits and you can see where I am coming from.

I haven't had the money to buy my comics. Also only partially true. The last couple months have been really bad for me on the monetary front. Which is sad, as I am making more money than I was before that. It is just all going to other things. Like food. Like rent. Like gifts. I have been managing to get my comcis, just not always on time. More like every couple weeks or so.

I haven't been reading my comics. Also only partially true. I have not read anything for a few weeks. Been buying, but never getting around to reading. I have a total of five bags of comics from visits made since the last review on here. Three of those bags have been read. Two have not. This is going to be fixed at some point. No idea when.

So...what do I do about this?

I reevaluate and rethink what I want to do here, and how.

I think that with the new year, i will make an attempt to come back at this. Reviews will return, and hopefully continue. I think I will alter the way I do them, though. Insrtead of waiting until I get all of my comics for the week read, I will try to review in small batches. Semi-daily. Anything read that day is reviewed. The block post works for other sites, but not here. I buy and read too much to have that work.

Also, I think I will expand to the trades I pick up. A new segment called "Buy the Book." Silly, I know. In addition to the large numbers of singles I get, I also buy a lot of trades. I also own a lot of trades I would like to read again. So, I will review what I read. Some trades, like the recent stuff or some of the lighter reads, will be one review for the whole thing. Some, like rereads of Sandman or Preacher, will be more issue-by-issue reviews.

I am also considering a daily feature of reading old back issues from my collection of the things that got my into comics, or back into comics. That will depend on how I do with keeping up with everythign else.

Finally, I think I will expand my scope to cover movies and television as well. As with my comics, i tend to get my television late. Record the show to watch later works just as well as buy the comics a week after they come out. Movies I am a little better on. I do have a hefty Netflix queue though. So, movies and television will get some reviews as well.

I may also add in some general purpose posts about whatever comes up. Heroclix is an obsession, as are PS2 games (again with the being behind). Whatever catches my fancy at the time.

Pretty much all I do not plan on talking about here are my own writing, roleplaying games, and myself. If you want those, visit my Livejournal.

So, now the big question. When does this all take place? How about the start of 2008? New year, new start. Cliche, but it works.