Thursday, August 30, 2007


So, i have my comics from last week. i have read them. I want to review them as normal. Too tired right now. In the process of moving, so low on time/energy/money. Once I have a chance to pick up my comics for the next week or two, i will do a mass post of reviews. Sorry to the readers (likely imaginary) out there.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yay, a Light Week

With an impending move, and an insane difficulty with pruning my pull list (the last time I pruned it was when I dropped the entire list due to unemployment...otherwise, i have never dropped an item off my list yet), I was worried I may not be able to keep up. Thankfully, it was a slow week for both my pulls and my impulse buys.

The Flash 231: This was a holdover from when I was buying the last Flash series. Too lazy to remove from my list, and I figure giving Wally a shot wasn't really a bad idea anyhow. I am so glad I did that. This was a really fun issue, with lovely artwork. I find that Daniel Acuna is one of those artists I didn't really get at first, but totally dig now. Plus, the story is intriguing. Those kids are awesome and funny at the same time.

Booster Gold 1: Booster Gold. One of those character is knew nothing about until Justice League Unlimited. One I cared nothing for until 52. I think I am probably one of many who didn't really care until then. Now...I am a Booster booster. This issue was all kinds of cool. From the fight with the Royal Flush gang to the Justice League making fun of Booster. All sorts of fun asides that were Booster basically saying what we all really wanted to say ourselves (Geo Force...hahaha). I love how is ancestor just hangs out at home all day, playing video games while wearing the Supernova costume. That's totally what my life would be if I had the opportunity. It was also quite interesting that Booster actually stepped up to the plate to become the hero he always wanted people to think he was, knowing that he will still always be thought the loser. I am totally into this already.

Shadowpact 16: First of all, awesome cover. Loves me the Zatanna. Also, love the dynamic going on with the whole team. Detective Chimp making like a fool to keep the endangered kids calm. Nightshade saving thousands by pushing her powers to the limit. Blue Devil's attorney seeming to do the impossible, until the infernal loophole shows up. Enchantress finding the source of Doctor Gotham's powers, and taking him down a few notches. Looking forward to more of this story, especially the thirteen tasks Blue Devil must perform. Not that I trust that mean priest. He's a jerk, and seemed shifty to me.

Marvel Adventures Hulk 2: Dude. Hulk + Multiple Man = Badass. 'Nuff Said. Well, except to add that this was so well written, I thought it was Peter David doing it. High praise, in my book.

Super Villain Team-Up MODOK's 11 2: I love these guys. This really does remind me of Ocean's ##, with more in-fighting. That whole Chameleon not being himself thing was cool, and a great double cross. Wonder who else will be on the team, though.

Captain America 29: As has been pointed out elsewhere, this comic is like a kick to the head. Winter Soldier is in some deep trouble, but not anything he can't handle. I mean, dude, it's the Winter freaking Soldier he can handle his shit just fine. Also looks like the Red Skull/Lukin thing is about to come out big time.

Terror Inc. 1: An impulse buy, but totally worth it. I have heard of the original Terror Inc stuff, and so had to go for this revamp/rehash/whatever. Nice origin piece with some fun violence to go with it. Like ripping a dude's head off, ripping your own head off, and replacing your head with the other one. That's pretty freaking hardcore. Should be a fun mini all around.

Annihilation: COnquest Quasar 2: Don't fuck with Phyla-Vell. Don't fuck with Phyla-Vell's woman. Especially if her woman is Moondragon. Even if you are Super-Adaptoid, you are gonna get punked.

Ultimate Spider-Man 112: Immonen's art is close enough to Bagley's that it isn't terribly jarring to have the new artist. Which is good. There is enough difference that you can tell it is someone new, but not so much that you are taken away from the story. Norman Osborn is scary. I love the romance that looks to be building between Kong and Kitty. I had to do that parent thing in Junior High, and remember how tough it was as a regular kid. Can't imagine how bad it will be for a couple of supers to try to handle.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

R.I.P. Mike Wieringo

So, as I am sure anyone who reads anything comics related online has heard, Mike Wieringo died recently of a heart attack.

Being a guy who pays more attention to the words on the page rather than the art, I didn't know at first who he was or why it was such a major loss. I recognized the name, which means he must have been pretty damned talented as I rarely ever even notice artists unless they also write. Or are Alex Ross level talents. After a brief look online, though, i found out why i should care and where I know this man from. He has done some of the most amazingly beautiful, cartoon-like work I have ever seen.

I just finished reading one of his last books, that being Spider-Man and Fantastic Four as well as a number of issues of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Even more important, in my eyes, is his part in creating a character that ended up being one of my favorites in the DC Universe.

Bart Allen.

I am saddened that I will never have the chance to meet him. I want to thank him for his work in keeping comics fun.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Amazing Johnny-V

I am here today to pull the greatest trick any blogger has ever done. I will look into the future to see what my reviews of this weeks comics are going to be when I write them next week. I know, it's amazing!

Consumed 2: I know last time I reviewed this comic, I was less than impressed. I said I would give it one more try, then give up. Well, I am glad I did. This issue was so much more fun than the last. Still not nearly as much demony destruction than I was expecting, but the humor makes up for it so much. The goth roommate showing the exact vise she will use on his balls if he hurts Casey. His attempt to cover up her demonic speech at dinner. Hell, even the way he handles being puked on at a restaurant. All pure comedic gold. I am totally down with more of this one.

Ghosting 1: I have to admit, I pick up a lot of Platinum Studios books by chance. None are on my pull list, but I always walk the shelves looking for whatever jumps out at me. This would make three series that I have randomly picked up on a whim so far from this publisher. This series makes two that have been awesome from the start. I am all about frat hazing turned horror. Plus, that whole trick with the "eyeballs" was beyond cool. I want to pull that on someone sometime.

Stormwatch Post Human Division 10: I don't remember why I added this to my pull list back when I actually took the time to recreate it. I had been reading the comics and all, but wasn't really interested in them enough to buy any issues. But, for some reason, I just automatically added the series to my list. And there it has stayed. This issue shows me that it isn't going to be dropped any time soon. I love the creative and silly names for the retired heroes.

The Un-Men 1: What. The. Fuck? Now I kind of want to read the old Swamp Thing issues to find out more about the background of the Un-men. Just strange enough to keep me reading.

Jack of the Fables 13: HAHAHAHA! I love this. "I'm so hot, I should be continued on the next girl." That, my friends, is a great line. Writing perfection. I would date a girl who said that and meant it. Not because she is that hot, but because she is smart enough to come up with something that clever. Babe the (miniature) Blue Ox having his pirate fantasy is another piece of pure gold. Not that I should be surprised. This series has been nothing but funny and fun and full of perfect. I should eat Mr. Bill Willingham's brains to take his power.

Fables 64: The wolf cubs are adorable. 'Nuff said!

Black Adam: The Dark Age 1: Another spur of the moment purchase. Only bought it for the 52 tie-in. Loved 52, so willing to get anything related for now. To be honest, only real tie-ins from this I am looking forward to are the Crime Bible, Booster Gold, and Horsemen things. Everything else is just sort of there to be considered. This issue is what I would expect from the first part of a mini. A lot of lead in with no real meat yet.

Green Lantern 22: What time is it? It's Parallax time, baby! Parallax (the second) vs. Hal Jordan. What a fight. Then the other Lanterns show up (Green and Yellow) and the fight gets even more epic. What I really love here is that the Lanterns don't really like, or even trust Hal. They are there to save him and Ion regardless. Also, what the hell is up with Kyle's mouth on page 14? That's not right man. I have also never seen taunting during a battle used this effectively. I do wonder, however, how the Lanterns are going to be able to defeat the Sinestro Corps without being able to resort to lethal force. The yellow rings seem not to have this limitation. Not really a fair fight. plus, Cyborg-Superman, Superboy Prime, and Anti-Monitor. That's just nasty is what it is.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 30: All Ages Spider-Man. Peter David. A thanksgiving issue a few months early. As per usual, a decent message is made with a fun story in between. There is even the right level of spider-angst in this to pass muster with me.

The Dark Tower Gunslinger's Guidebook: Knowing my love of all things Peter David, is there any question? Knowing my love of all things Dark Tower, is there any question? Knowing my love of the powerhouse duo of Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, is there any question? Knowing my love of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (and similar style books), is there any question? If you had any doubt I would love this book, you have forgotten the face of your father.

The New Avengers 33: I dunno. I don't like this not trusting each other thing they have going on here. Also a little iffy on Dr. Strange and Iron Fist being on the team, but I can handle that. Spider-Woman better not turn out to be evil or a Skrull, since she's the main reason I am reading this comic. I do want to know what the hell is happening with all the sub-plots stretching all the way back to the beginning of this series. I do have to admit, the Hood stuff is going to be interesting. I also liked the art for the flashback, even if Cap was a royal asshole in it.

X-Factor 22: Peter David, you sly devil you. Endangered Species Act. Beautiful. The whole Wolfsbane/Rictor thing is also quite nice. This series does suffer from a lack of Strong Guy. He needs to be seen more. I think half Madrox, half Guido would be ok. Maybe one third each, and a third everyone else. Oh, except you need some Layla in there. I guess she should be like half the comic, and just share the spotlight with whoever else is around or something. But, I digress. Damn, that ending makes me want more. Really, that's all I have left to say.

Nova 5: First things first, I can't wait until this series has a chance to actually stand on its own. So far it has all be tying in with the latest event. Will be interesting to see it as a regular ongoing. Though, after this issue and the tail end of the last issue, I wonder how they will manage to make that happen. Nearly killing, and then infecting, Nova off do not make for an easy time for the title character. Do they? Also, two to many jokes about how tight the Nova uniform is. I get it, the uniform is showing off her ass. No need to keep reminding me.

Annihilation: Conquest Wraith 2: I have been wondering how the editors of the various Annihilation: Conquest minis have reconciled the fact that Ronan is leading the Kree underground in one series and working as a Phalanx jailer in another. Still no real answer. Unless the Wraith series is supposed to be taking place later in the timeline, which makes me wonder why it was released first. Arg, continuity gaffes annoy me. I rarely notice them, so if I am finding one it must be pretty bad. At least in this issue, they sort of give themselves an out with the control not being final or anything until it is willingly accepted. Also give the writers of Nova an out. Good idea, there. The origin of Wraith is totally badass. A protoplasmic, soul-eating, symbiote that gives immortality. Pain to reproduce memories. Creepy cool. I wish I came up with this.

Ultimate X-Men 85: Still not trusting Bishop. Still wanting to know who the hell this Stryfe is, since we know it isn't the Ultimate version of Cable (or even a young Cable/clone Cable thing). Want to know why the Fenris twins are back at all, let alone using Sentinels to attack mutants. Also, wonder what the heck is going on with Dazzler being more powerful than she seems. Oh, and the Hank not being dead thing too. Lots of questions. Waiting for answers.

Friday, August 3, 2007

A Week Late, A Week Early

That's right, faithful readers (are there any of you out there anyhow...), we have my comics on time for once. Sort of. A day late buying, and another day late because I was too into Harry Potter to read my comics yet. But, it was a slow week so this should go fast.

The Red Star Sword of Lies 2: Wow, I am totally lost. It has been so long since I read the other Red Star books that I totally don't remember what is going on right now. All I know is the story is good overall and the art is lovely.

Zero Killer 1: I love this book already. Post-Apocalypse New York. Gangs living in the ruins of the city's towers. This issue had a good set up of the world, both in the actual story and in the two pages at the end with some military training and news pieces. I love book with those extras to flesh out the world. More interesting to know the whole world, and sometimes you just can't do that within the actual story. I'm coming back for more soon.

Unholy Union 1: Yet another Marvel/Top Cow crossover. Usually these suck. Did this one too? Pretty much. Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) on trial for something. Matt Murdock (Daredevil) is his attorney, who gets him acquitted. At celebratory dinner, Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) runs into him. Then Ghost Rider and the Hulk show up. Already this is a stretch and we are only on page 11. I can understand the Darkness/Ghost Rider connection. That makes sense. I can almost forgive the Daredevil bit too. But, the Hulk at the bar really lost me for some reason. Then we also get some Dr. Strange and Cyberforce cameos. To top it all off, there is no real plot. The entire thing is pretty much "Nice dinner, veiled threats, real threats, big fight, anti-climax, buy more comics, the end." More crappy lead in for the First Born event, which actually looks interesting enough without the extra shit they are tossing out for it. No reason to drag Marvel through the muck in the process.

Faker 1&2: Read issue 1 when it came out, but never actually bought it. The story almost didn't hook me at first. Seemed like a standard college drama with nasty people. Then there was the whole ending bit where I was drawn in. Took me a month to decide I liked it enough to buy it. So, here we are. How's issue 2? Pretty much the same as the first. Nasty people and college drama. Then a big freaking twist at the end that makes me want to read more. I love this stuff.

The Exterminators 20: The shit hits the fan. Mayan Hissers, which are apparently big fucking roaches responsible for the fall of the Mayans, have made it to America. And they are hopped up on pesticide that acts like steroids for bugs and crack for humans. While this is happening, we have drug dealers pushing this very same pesticide via ice cream trucks. Also, the corporations responsible for this drug is bringing in workers from some island they own, who have an ancient prophecy about fighting the end of the world. This prophecy happens to tie in directly to a box one of the exterminators tasked with fighting the giant roaches has found. This same exterminator's ex happens to run the corporation responsible for the pesticide drug stuff. With a plot like that, how can I not love this series.

Justice League Unlimited 36: Dude, it's got the Question in it. Of course it's good. I have to admit to loving the Question as he appears in this series and the animated television show. Never read any comics other than 52 with him in them, so no idea how this version compares to the original. Frankly, unless the original is anything like this version, i don't think i care. Conspiracy nut who is actually right is such a fun idea.

Metal Men 1: Ok, first I want to say what I was expecting or hoping for. I wanted some sort of wacky, odd, and fun comic about these strange elemental robots. I got that in part. The Metal men were as fun and full of quips as I wanted, but this wasn't as fun-loving as I wanted. Not to say that it was bad. It was very much not so. The intro and ending hooked me into wanting to see what else is coming along. I am liking this so far.

Batman Detective Comics 835: No Dini? Sad. Still good?'s great. holy crap, the Scarecrow is more scary without his ticks than with them. I got shills reading this one. Any dude who can cause a number of suicides just by simple conversation, and can get the Batman that agitated is a master. This is one of the best portrayals of Scarecrow I have ever seen. Which, I guess isn't saying much since I haven't read a lot of Batman comics, really. Brrr, that's one crazy psycho.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 7: As with previous issues, no need to read to know it is amazing. Read it anyway. I have to. it's natural law that I must do this. To defy the urge to read would mean space-time as we know it would collapse. it's as good as I thought and expected. This is another series that has awesome extras in the back of the book. Short stories detailing more of the history of the setting. Which, really, is quite awesome because the more I learn about the setting, the more i want to learn about it. I cannot wait for Feb '08 for the next Dark Tower comic series..

The New Avengers: Illuminati 4: The Marvel Boy issue. I'm not really sure how I feel about Marvel Boy being canon in the Marvel Universe. That miniseries was so Morrison that it really should almost be considered an alternate reality story. Granted, after the Civil War Young Avengers/Runaways crapfest, we already knew it wasn't so. Doesn't mean I can't dream. Anyhow, this issue is the worst yet. The whole banter at the beginning about their woman problems was pretty lame, and struck me the wrong way somehow. The Marvel Boy stuff was stupid, and completely ignored that Noh-Varr was a Kree from an alternate dimension, so would not have any connection to Mar-Vell. Bah. At least this series ends next month.

The Marvel Tarot: An interestingly confusing supplement to the Mystic Arcana books. Going to have to go back and read this more carefully later. As it is, not really able to review it. It's interesting at least.

A Little Stale, But Still Good

Last week's comics are go!

Consumed 1: Ok, I was expecting more from this. Love triangle, demonic possession, played for laughs. Sounded awesome. Except, this issue wasn't. It had some bits that were made of cool. Goth roommate was made of cool. Lecherous priest brother was made of cool. But, really, not enough demon summoning yet. My usual 3 issues of trial time will not apply to this one. One more issue. If this doesn't pick up by then, no more series for me.

The Walking Dead 39: Here's the excitement I was waiting for. We have gun play, zombie attacks, a birth, and all kinds of trouble. I am totally waiting with anticipation for the next issue.

Crossing Midnight 9: What a fun issue. The reprisal for last issue's altercation comes in the form of a rather nasty test. It all ends well, but man was that a cruel thing to do to our lovely leading lady.Just bring in all kinds of past memories, that are lost but on the edge of her mind. Ouch. Loving it.

Teen Titans Go! 45: Two for one issue. Beast boy telling his origin story, in his own way. Quite funny too. All of the grandstanding and elaboration, mixing truth with fiction. The know-it-all kid totally wins at life, too. Cyborg's origin is touching, and the love interest referring to what I assume is a previous issue is more of that lovely continuity. This comic is still a great one.

Green Lantern Corps 14: More Sinestro Corps stuff. We get Green Man atoning for past sins that are not really all his fault, and finding forgiveness. We get Mogo and an appearance by Sinestro's version of the same. Best of all, we have Sinestro fighting Soranik Natu and defeating her in a fantastically ingenious way. That, my friends, is evil genius at work.

Teen Titans 49: Meh. Amazons Attack tie-in, with no really great bits. Hate those army dudes for being stereotypical army dudes. Superman was kind of cool. Next issue should improve greatly, I hope.

Marvel Adventures Hulk 1: I bought this, just because my pull list includes all Marvel Adventures books. I was not expecting to like it. The Hulk is just not really my thing. Character's a cool idea and all, just don't really care enough to...well, care. But, man was this a fun retelling of his origin. I am totally looking forward to more of this series. Which is great, because the Iron Man series in this line has not impressed much yet.

Marvel Adventures Iron Man 3: Speak of the devil. Plantman as a villain was fun, just to see this lame character brought out for not real reason. But, the issue was all but forgettable really. Considering dropping this title.

Marvel Adventures Giant-Size Avengers: Avengers. Agents of Atlas. Kang. Really, that is all you need to make for a fun comic right there. The alternate reality, and time travel were super-awesome fun. I am loving this series more and more. By far the best of the Marvel Adventures all-ages line, I think. On top of all that, this issue also had the reprinted first appearances of Venus and Namora. The Venus story was so-so, but Namora was everything Golden Age comics were meant to be. You just can't go wrong.

X-Men 200: As I have not been reading this series, and don't really care to, I didn't really get much out of the issue. The Endangered Species bit was kind of fun. Would have been more so if I had not already read Part 3 first. Really, only bought this for the amazingly awesome cover.

The Mighty Avengers 4: I. Fucking. Hate. Thought. Bubbles. At least, the way Bendis does them in this series I do. I will give until the end of this story arc before I finish judging this series, but so far I am only partially liking it. Ultron's return, and new form are fun. The use of Stark's Extremis powers to totally fuck with the world is fun. Ares using the bottom half of an Iron Man suit as a gun is FUCKING AWESOME! TO THE MAX! But, the though bubbles are killing this thing for me.

The Immortal Iron Fist 7: A nice filler issue, which was sort of expected what with the initial story having been meant for a mini-series. This also happened to be just as much fun to read as the first arc was. More history about previous bearers of the power are great to read. I would love it if they did this between every story arc. As the introductory blurb says, there have been 66 men and women to wield the iron fist. That's a lot of history to tell. Enough that they could do an entire series with just those stories. I am sure a few fillers here and there would not be bad at all.

Annihilation: Conquest Starlord 1: The Space Dirty (half)Dozen. A fun concept. Written by Keith Giffen. A great idea. The characters they picked. Somewhat of a confusion there. I get some of the reasons for imprisonment. I wish they would have explained how and why the Celestial Madonna (aka Mantis) was imprisoned. I am looking forward to reading more. Rocket Raccoon is badass.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 44: Creepy Silver Surfer is a member of a creepy space hippy cult. Actually, no, not hippys. Jonestoewn stuff. I can just see it. This was a strange issue, but I think it will only get more strange with the whole leaving earth for the King's version of Heaven." Should be interesting.