Monday, June 23, 2008

It is a miracle from heaven

I'm posting again so soon. But, you know, I have good reason to.

I just watched The Middleman on the ABC website.

Everyone should watch this show. It's one of the most stupidly campy shows I have seen in ages, and awesome on so many levels I can't even find words to describe how awesome it is.

Really, watch this show.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Happening and The Incredible Hulk

So, I went to a couple movies today. Saw one that was awesome and one that was a let down.

First up was The Happening. Now, I will admit that I have a general love/hate of M. Night Shyamalan's movies. What I mean is that, other than the Sixth Sense, they have all been mild disappointments to me. I have enjoyed them all, but have never really felt they lived up to the standard set by the first. I know he can do better. With this movie, he just got lazy. For a movie titled The Happening, nothing actually happens. I mean, nothing. This movie is literally just a bunch of people running away from something that nobody understands, and then it ends. The "twist" of the cause of this event is given away before the movie is even half way over. Even more stupid, nothing is learned by anyone. Life goes on and the same shit happens again. I also had some serious issues with the dialog and acting being stilted and weak. Some of what was said and done happened so randomly it was like they wanted to get a specific idea in, had no idea how, so just kind of tossed it in without trying. My sister and her boyfriend told me that the best parts of the movie are shown in the trailer, and this is completely true. I never do this, but I almost walked out of this one. I was that unhappy with it.

The Incredible Hulk, on the other hand, was amazing. Or Incredible. I have to admit, I was a little wary with this one. On the one hand, Marvel has done a great job with most of its movies in the last few years. I even liked the last Hulk movie. On the other hand, it looked like it was going to be another origin movie. I feel the biggest problem with the last Hulk was that there was too much origin, not enough smash. I figured, don't reboot with this one. Sequel, not reset. You know?

Well, I was wrong. They tackle the origin during the opening credits. Then, move on to a bit of exposition to show the details of what Banner has been up to since. Then lots of fun smash. This was a great mix of HULK SMASH and talk. I loved the introduction of Emil Burbank, though would have liked him a bit more...human maybe? Regardless, it was a great origin for Abomination. During the ads for the movie, I was not a fan of the look, but watching it in action, it actually worked well for me.

Best part, though, was the little bits tossed in. Purple pants jokes. Stan Lee. Lou Ferrigno. Doc Samson. Hulk using a car as makeshift boxing gloves. HULK SMASH. The introduction of the Leader. SHIELD. Super Soldier Formula (and in action no Tony Stark. Also saw Nick Fury's name on a report in the credits. Even better, while there was no explicit reference to the last movie in this one, there was no direct information to deny its existence either.

Should be fun to see a sequel.