Saturday, May 9, 2009

Couple Relatively Quick Reviews

Wolverine: Better than X3. Not good. Right after the movie, I said it was a disappointment but that I liked it. The more I think on it, the less I like it. Shoehorning in Cyclops was a bad idea. Changing Emma was a bad idea. Not using Deadpool well after the opening bits, also bad idea. The end fight was lame. I really wanted to like this, and was willing to accept some alterations for a movie. i was not willing to accept the changes they actually did. Did enjoy the flashbacks in the opening credits. I really did like how they did Blob, and loved the new Sabretooth. I will watch a sequel, because I am gullible like that. I really want to see how Sabretooth manages to change from the guy we saw here to the guy we saw in X-Men.

Star Trek: So, not really a huge Trek fan. I am a geek enough to like it, and know a bit more than I should. But, never really got into the shows. I liked Data. I liked Odo. I watched Voyager until 7 of 9 showed up, then got bored. Been meaning to go back to watch DS9, since i hear it is good after the first season. Should try to catch some Next Generation as well, since it is actually not bad. So, yeah, going in to this I was pretty much not expecting much. That said, i loved this. I found out I knew a lot more than I thought. Not enough to really notice stuff that may have been changed, but enough to get a lot of random references. If this is what Trek would have been when I tried to watch it, I would have been a Trekkie long ago. I hope there are a lot of movies to follow in this new continuity. It looks like it could be a very successful series. Actually made me want a new Trek show, but not sure how it would work out properly.