Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Couple Weeks Late, Part the Second

OK, so here are the Marvel reviews for the last couple weeks.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man 28: I loves me some all-ages books. Marvel does them very well, too. DC's are good fun and all, but they seem more kiddie oriented. Marvel's Marvel Adventures line seems more along the lines of stories that a kid could enjoy, but will also be equally appealing to an adult who wants the heroes without all the violence and angst. Well, except this particular issue was full of angst...and still managed to be a fun romp. Wow.

Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four 25: You know what I love better than all-ages, old school fun? Alternate realities. Can you guess what I thought about this combination of the two? Hell's yeah! I think by far the best part was the world of song and dance numbers during battles. I belly laughed.

Nova 3: An ok fight. Family drama. A poignant meeting between old friends. Somehow I enjoyed the book while I was reading it, but can't think of why now. Maybe I just want to be all harsh and critical like the rest of the bloggosphere.

Avengers: The Initiative 3: Last issue's cliffhanger had me expecting Scarlet Witch for some reason. Totally forgot about Mirage. Well, actually, didn't realize Mirage's powers were fear based. i was looking at the whole "uncontrollable mutation" thing and not the fear-based thing. Ah well, good plot thread anyhow. I am really liking where this series has gone and where it is going. Glad it's going to be an ongoing instead of a limited series. I hope they do some sort of rotating cast like early issues of Exiles or something. I don't want to watch these same kids training and becoming a team. I want to see a variety of trainees and maybe a bit of the graduates every once in a while. I could see this being a good series to test new characters before spinning them off into the mainstream Marvel Universe. Also, I am still mad they killed MVP. I liked that character the best so far.

The New Avengers 31: I don't care what anyone else says, I love Bendis. I like his banter. I like his dialogue. I like his stories. I love his inclusion of Echo and the reintroduction of Hawkeye/Ronin. Not terribly keen on ht art currently, even though I occasionally dig Leinil Yu's stuff, it's just not doing it for me right now. Also a little less than enthused by the current line-up of the team. But, I have likes this series enough to give it a go anyhow.Plus, more ninjas than is sane in any comic. Score!

Silent War 5: Crap art. Crap story. Only reading this because I love the Inhumans.

Mystic Arcana: Magik: Not on my usual pull list, but an impulse buy to see the state of Marvel magic. Tow stories in one. Double-plus good. One story about the defeat of a dark sorcerer, the other about the quest to repower him. Interesting, and a decent read. Will definitely read the rest of this series. Even better, two of the remaining issues feature characters I like.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 42: Silver Surfer. Sort of. Not much to say, as this issue was pretty much just a warm-up for the real story. Ben Grimm's mom kicks ass, though. Also, I can't get enough of this art. All pretty and sci-fi and crazy and good.

Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born 5: First off, I am biased on this one. I love the Dark Tower books by Stephen King (pretty much all of his I liked other than a couple short stories). Also, Peter David is one of the deities in my comics pantheon. So, you know I am going to love this regardless. Plus, holy hell is this art amazing on so many levels I can't even find words sufficient to describe it. Basically, I have not even read this one, and I am giving it a perfect review. The dial on this one goes up to 11 baby.

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