Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yay, a Light Week

With an impending move, and an insane difficulty with pruning my pull list (the last time I pruned it was when I dropped the entire list due to unemployment...otherwise, i have never dropped an item off my list yet), I was worried I may not be able to keep up. Thankfully, it was a slow week for both my pulls and my impulse buys.

The Flash 231: This was a holdover from when I was buying the last Flash series. Too lazy to remove from my list, and I figure giving Wally a shot wasn't really a bad idea anyhow. I am so glad I did that. This was a really fun issue, with lovely artwork. I find that Daniel Acuna is one of those artists I didn't really get at first, but totally dig now. Plus, the story is intriguing. Those kids are awesome and funny at the same time.

Booster Gold 1: Booster Gold. One of those character is knew nothing about until Justice League Unlimited. One I cared nothing for until 52. I think I am probably one of many who didn't really care until then. Now...I am a Booster booster. This issue was all kinds of cool. From the fight with the Royal Flush gang to the Justice League making fun of Booster. All sorts of fun asides that were Booster basically saying what we all really wanted to say ourselves (Geo Force...hahaha). I love how is ancestor just hangs out at home all day, playing video games while wearing the Supernova costume. That's totally what my life would be if I had the opportunity. It was also quite interesting that Booster actually stepped up to the plate to become the hero he always wanted people to think he was, knowing that he will still always be thought the loser. I am totally into this already.

Shadowpact 16: First of all, awesome cover. Loves me the Zatanna. Also, love the dynamic going on with the whole team. Detective Chimp making like a fool to keep the endangered kids calm. Nightshade saving thousands by pushing her powers to the limit. Blue Devil's attorney seeming to do the impossible, until the infernal loophole shows up. Enchantress finding the source of Doctor Gotham's powers, and taking him down a few notches. Looking forward to more of this story, especially the thirteen tasks Blue Devil must perform. Not that I trust that mean priest. He's a jerk, and seemed shifty to me.

Marvel Adventures Hulk 2: Dude. Hulk + Multiple Man = Badass. 'Nuff Said. Well, except to add that this was so well written, I thought it was Peter David doing it. High praise, in my book.

Super Villain Team-Up MODOK's 11 2: I love these guys. This really does remind me of Ocean's ##, with more in-fighting. That whole Chameleon not being himself thing was cool, and a great double cross. Wonder who else will be on the team, though.

Captain America 29: As has been pointed out elsewhere, this comic is like a kick to the head. Winter Soldier is in some deep trouble, but not anything he can't handle. I mean, dude, it's the Winter freaking Soldier he can handle his shit just fine. Also looks like the Red Skull/Lukin thing is about to come out big time.

Terror Inc. 1: An impulse buy, but totally worth it. I have heard of the original Terror Inc stuff, and so had to go for this revamp/rehash/whatever. Nice origin piece with some fun violence to go with it. Like ripping a dude's head off, ripping your own head off, and replacing your head with the other one. That's pretty freaking hardcore. Should be a fun mini all around.

Annihilation: COnquest Quasar 2: Don't fuck with Phyla-Vell. Don't fuck with Phyla-Vell's woman. Especially if her woman is Moondragon. Even if you are Super-Adaptoid, you are gonna get punked.

Ultimate Spider-Man 112: Immonen's art is close enough to Bagley's that it isn't terribly jarring to have the new artist. Which is good. There is enough difference that you can tell it is someone new, but not so much that you are taken away from the story. Norman Osborn is scary. I love the romance that looks to be building between Kong and Kitty. I had to do that parent thing in Junior High, and remember how tough it was as a regular kid. Can't imagine how bad it will be for a couple of supers to try to handle.

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