Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marvel Two-in-One

So, the last couple weeks have been hellish at work. Among other things, I managed to put in a 23 hour day. That's 23 consecutive hours. So, yeah.

Anyhow, I did manage to pick up my comics despite the fatigue. Here's what I thought.

The Weapon 4: Good ending to a good series. I like how our hero managed to use his supposed weakness (the time limit on his writ things) as a strength. I also like how he didn't mind killing him some bad guys. The "surprise" betrayal wasn't really a shock or anything, other than I was not expecting the duplicate to be identical. I look forward to the next mini, or an ongoing.

Zero Killer 2: As with the first issue, I am totally into this world. Not only is this series a good read, but it is fully fleshed out in the background. The extras at the end, something I always like but occasionally skip over, have been awesome to read. More information, in character, for the story. Awesome.

Stormwatch: Post Human Division 12: By the way this ended, I assume the series is ending as well. I don't remember hearing about that anywhere. Guess that's ok. I liked the series, but not enough to feel any real loss if it goes away. Have to admit, though, the way the team worked together to take out the villains in this was awe inspiring. Made me feel like i could totally take a super on.

Faker 4: So, I was right in my assumption last issue. Great to know I got that before the actual reveal. Usually I don't catch on that soon. I do wonder how this is going to go on for 2 more issues, as the selling point was the mystery they already revealed. I hope this remains good, and doesn't loose the crazy-cool it had going so far.

Jack of Fables 15: HAHAHA! Jack is such a dick, and I love him for it. Quite a fun origin for Jack and John and all that. Jack is too clever for his own good (let along anyone else's). The further revelation of the origin of Kevin, Revise, and Gary is totally getting me intrigued. Finally, Babe totally needs his own miniseries...except his bits wouldn't actually be able to carry a full comic let alone many issues.

The Exterminators 22: Nothing needs to be said here. This series maintains the odd storylines and crazy pace. Beyond that, wow.

Justice League Unlimited 38: Aw, Giganta loves Flash. Flash, being a guy like myself, totally doesn't get it. Once he finds out, it is too late. Best bit was the "Rosenbaum and Associates" billboard. The picture on the billboard looks like Michael Rosenbaum playing Lex Luthor in Smallville, and Rosenbaum voiced Flash on JLU. Nice touch.

Metal Men 3: I don't get it, but will keep reading. I think.

Infinity Inc. 2: I wish they would have gotten to the missing Natasha thing in this issue. More Kid Empty was nice, though. Will keep reading for now, because I am curious.

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Cyborg Superman: I enjoyed some of this. Never knew the full origin of this character, so seeing it recapped was cool. But, the rest of this was lame. So far, these side stories are 0 for 2.

Green Lantern Corps 16/Green Lantern 24: Oh my god, but these have been so awesome. On the one hand, I don't want this event to end because I am enjoying it so much. On the other hand, I do want it to end so I can save a bit of money by not buying these anymore. I know that when it ends, it will likely end well. I just am sad at the thought of no more war.

Suicide Squad 2: This one wasn't quite as much fun as the last issue, but it sounds like it will pick up again next issue. Still pretty dang good.

Batman Detective Comics 837: The triumphant return of Paul Dini. And what a return it was. Having the Riddler use Harley and replacement Catwoman do an investigation was incredibly fun. Seeing how Riddler was trying to play Bruce Wayne, who was really playing Riddler was beyond compare. This is why I read this series.

Marvel Adventures Hulk 4: This first issue I really didn't enjoy. In fact, I don't even remember much about this issue at all. I remember Radioactive Man and Multiple Man being in. For one thing, it is too early in the series to be bringing them back in my opinion. Also, I don';t really see Multiplae Man siding against the Hulk after the issue he was in. Bah.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 32: This, on the other hand, was awesome. Hydro-Man showed a combination of great planning, and absolute stupidity. Which, actually, kind of worked. The splash page of Spidey saving JJJ was a great homage, though I suppose using that particular image is sort of cliched anymore. The trap set to capture Hydro-Man was so perfect it is beyond perfect.

Runaways 28: It has been so long since an issue of this has come out, I forgot I read it. I actually had it in my pull box, and had to double check to make sure it was there when I saw an issue on the shelf because I couldn't remember if I had it on my pull list or not. Granted,. the issue was decent. But, not really worth the wait. I love Joss Whedon, but hate how his comics are never on time. I am almost tempted to drop this out of protest. We will see how the next issue or two do before i choose.

The New Avengers 35: Ugh. Nothing I can say here about the disappointment with this that has not already been said elsewhere. Boo on the cover not having a thing to do with the contents.

Nova 7: Interesting. I like how the writers have found a way to save Richard Rider from the Phalanx infection, without a complete cop-out. I wonder if there will be a final cure by the end of the Annihilation: Conquest event. I am assuming so.

The Order 3: Zobos. Dude, freaking zobos. How fucking cool is that. This comic is totally all about tossing out the crazy shit left and right. The character portraits we get interspersed with the story are interesting too. The story about the dead ex-member should be good.

X-Factor 24: Another issue I can't even find words to describe. Consistently amazing.

Super-Villain Team-Up MODOK's 11 4: Another one I only vaguely remember from when I read it. Fighting the new Mandarin. Puma sort of getting his powers back. Rocket Racer betrays the team. Nobody realizes the Chameleon isn't who he seems (which, really, they should have noticed by now). Next issue it all wraps up.

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