Thursday, October 25, 2007

That Time Again

Here's last weeks comics, reviewed in my usual stream-of-consciousness style.

Fables 66: Good to see Ambrose wasn't as naive as everyone thought. He knew ahead of time that Bluebeard and Shere Khan were up to no good. It was also fun to see the two of them get what they deserved. I am wondering if this spell Ambrose speaks of will be powerful enough to stop the Adversary's army. This is a big risk he is taking. All of this is also making me wonder when the comic became such a big story. I remember the early issues being equally good, but not having nearly the scope of the cuirrent stuff. Not complaining, I just wonder what hapopened to the smaller scale stuff.

The Umbrella Academy 2: Damn, but this is still a great read. i totally like where this has been, where it is going, and the possibilities it all holds. I do want to see more of the back story on these cahracters, and a bit of their solo adventures. All, of cousre, in later installments as they do not apply directly to this awesome that is this story arc.

Simon Dark 1: This was actually out a week earlier than I got it. I just had to hold off on it for a week due to lack of funds. Totally awesome and worth the wait. I am very interested in seeing more. Not sure what else can be said, as this was the usual first issue introducing everything important.

The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society: Absolutely nothing about the Challengers in this, really. It was all just a background for the Jokester (this reality's Joker). A fun read, and I would totally support a Crime Society ongoing if it remained this interesting...but not at all what the issue advertises with the "Search for Ray Palmer" title. Next issue willbe ffun with teh vampire Batman thing going on.

Shadowpact 18: Not much to say here. The Nightshade Dimension stuff was weak, but may have been improved with more coverage. Protoge is awesomely badass, being both an evil and self-centered bastard and a renegade son at the same time. The rest of the issue was nothing great. We need more Blue Devil and his tasks, pronto.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 29: Another iffy issue from the weeks haul. The Fantastic Four fight the Hulk. It all turns out to be a set up to get more government grant money for research. In the end, the Hulk's identity is revealed and all is resolved in an unbelievable way. I would prefer a bit mroe continuity beweeen series in the Marvel Adventures line. Would be nice to have the standard Marvel Universe, the Ultimate universe, and the Marvel Adventures universe. Along with the other random realities (like Squadron Supreme).

Marvel Adventures Avengers 17: The first time I have been disappointed in an issue of this sereis. Each part of it felt contrived and out of character compared to how they are usually written. The Vision was cool, but the origin wasn't. Much more hard to take coming from this title, which so far has nbeen one of the better comics on the stands.

Penance Relentless 2: I am beginning to think that Paul Jenkins is a hack. I have not liked much of his writing since he did the original Sentry miniseries. Not sure if I will get the next issue of this. Probably, because it is loosly tied in to the Thunderbolts, and I am a sucker for that still.

THe Mighty Avengers 5: An issue I felt was almost good. If the next issue of this is at least as good as this one, I will continue to read it. The thought bubbles were less intrusive this time, and also less abundant. I still hope Bendis forgets this little experiment in bringing them back and either drops them, or uses them in the more classic way.

Captain America 31: So. Damned. Good. All the brianwashing attempts were fun to read, and a little disorintning. Seeing Captain America atalk and act that way, even knowing it was all fake, was really strange. Decent cliffhanger ending, though you can almost be certain that Bucky didn't shoot Sharon. As usual, cannot wait for more.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 47: Ultimate Red Ghost. Awesomeness! Reed being a dick, and then getting over it was kind of interesting. I was pretty much right in my thoughts about his obsession with the cosmic cube. Hope that will be followed up on in the next story arc, but not this one. I want more Soviet Super Bears.

Ultimate X-Men 87: Another issue that wasnt bad at all. The revelation of the whole thing was great, and I have to admit to liking this version of Stryfe better than the normal one. Best part, however, was the very last panel. I must know more on this. Hopefully next issue will reveal it to the reader, of not the rest of the team.

Terror Inc. 3: More violence. More gore. More humor. More surprises. Best cliffhanger ever. 'Nuff Said.

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