Friday, January 25, 2008

As usual...

I'm really late on these. Just haven't had the desire to read my comics for a while. Back to it, though. Here's the issues from my last comic run that actually have been read today.

Dark Sector Zero: While I can admire the fact that Seinkiewicz is a good artist, and has a very unique style that is refreshing in comics, I just am not a huge fan. In some comics and stories, it may work. This one, not so much. I also have to say that this is the second free comic I have seen used to promote a game, and the second to pretty much suck. The idea behind the game is awesome (gleaned from reading the interview at the end). The story they chose to tell in this comic to sell people on the game, not in the least bit exciting or interesting. A shame.

Crawl Space: Xxxombies #2: Pretty good follow-up to the first issue. The pornstar who did the zombie becomes one. The 'roid enhanced guy who punched through a zombie's head likewise becomes one. Nobody seems to know what is going on, which I kind of like as a change of pace. Jenny's dad is totally badass. I do think that his demeanor, and the fact that she ran away to become a pornstar likely means he is less than a good guy. I would not be all that surprised to see him being the final antagonist in this story.

Umbrella Academy #4: As always, a great read. A lot of arguing between the siblings. 005 explains his thought process a bit, and apparently has managed to catch teh eye of some tough looking dudes. I am guessing a temporal cop sort of thing. Vanya's power finally manifests, years too late to prevent some seruious issues. Next couple of these will rock.

The Exterminators #25: The story of how AJ managed to come back from the dead. A mildly interesting story, but it pointed out something I had not realized. While I like reading this series, I don't really like it enough to spend money on it. It just isn't quite as clever as it used to be, or doesn't feel that way to me anymore. Between the last issue with teh cruise ship catering to the most depraved of desires, and this one showing King Tut trying to sodomise AJ's dead just feels more crude than interesting. I suppose this means either reading at the comic shop, borrowing from a firend (if I have any that read this), or downloading a torrent. Bah.

Crossing Midnight #14: The current story arc is very interesting. One lie turning everyon against the only person who knows the truth. I will be interested to see how this one ends, and how the series will continue on after the current arc.

Jack of Fables #18: MORE BABE! I love the Babe the Bull interludes. This one was particularly clever, and funny. The Americana story is continuing the tradition of fantastic storuys in this series. I am very intrigued by the whole plot. Jack does his thing, not realizing that the bigger story keeps moving on, and involving him. A nice sort or irony. He wants to be the center of it all, and he is without realizing it. To think, i used to consider this series secondary to the original Fables.

Teen Titans Go! #50: THis particular issue wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It was a decent idea. Showing the growth of a villain that mirrors the growth of Robin. What makes it good, though, is that Robin's growth is very subtle. There's also the new opportunity for new characters, now. Would have liked a bit less continuity to this. I feel like i am missing something.

Justice League Unlimited #41: I liked that the Joker is feeling jealous over losing Batman's attention. I like how he and Harley are able to stall the four Leaguers who are around to stop them. I like Zatana, especially her "nrocpop." Somehow, though, I do not like this story.

So, that's all I read today. More as I read more.

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