Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Comics

This article about the first comics of many current comic creators is an interesting read. There have been a few other people on my Livejournal friends list who have posted their own comic firsts. So, now it is time for mine.

The first comics I distinctly remember reading are all kind of a jumble. I remember a handful of comics from my childhood. Having read them all so long ago, i had to do a quick search to find the exact issues.

Going by the timeline, then, my first Marvel comic was Fantastic Four #272. Which, really, is kind of cool. First partial appearance of Reed's Dad. Who turned out to be all kinds of different characters (Kang, Immortus, Rama-Tut, etc.).

The comic I always though of as my first was Uncanny X-Men #208. I remember it blowing my mind. Nimrod, Hellfire Club, Rachel Summers being attacked by Wolverine, Rogue stealing Colossus' powers (which, I now hear is considered impossible). This was heavy stuff for a 7-year old.

Also at the same time as that was Web Of Spider-Man #17. This also blew my mind. I mean, Spider-man may have died to a guy in a spiked suit who can shoot freaking lava out of his hands. That's pretty hardcore, there.

Turns out, though, that the other Spider-Man issue I remember reading early on was actually predating that one. Web of Spider-Man #15 is one I remember reading, but remember nothing about.

My first DC comic was apparently Action Comics #533. Though, I remember Detective Comics #527 somewhat better. Funny to think that a guy who doesn't read Superman and is more of a Marvel guy to begin with got his start at the ripe old age of 3 on a Superman story. Actually, that makes sense. I was too young to actually read the earliest comics I had, so the ones I remember best are the ones I was able to read myself, and therefore those are the ones I was more drawn to at an older age.

The sad thing is that my first comic to get me to actually start collecting and reading was this one. A decade after my actual first comics, I was hooked by that.

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