Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Month of Comics (Part Two)

So, on to the DC comics. Lots of stuff here.

Tiny Titans #7: As usual with this series, perfection. Always kind of cute, with some sill stories and goofy dialogue. Aw Yeah Titans! That's how you clean a room, and avoid getting in trouble for being gone for 5 days without asking permission. I can't wait to share these comics with my kids (once I have some, that it).

Teen Titans Year One #6: Bah, nothing great here at all. Robin has angst dreams. The villain from before comes back. Titans become a team. Batman can't express emotions. This was the weak link in this miniseries. A shame, since it has been universally great to this point. This, with Tiny Titans, was the only Teen Titans comic I was still getting. Now I am down to one Titan related story. Sad.

Trinity #11-14: So, we have Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman becoming more like each other. At first a bad thing, but seeing Superman take down Owlman, Superwoman, and Ultraman all at once is amazing. Hardcore, a little brutal, and effective. Not much else has really happened with the main story. I am a little concerned for Green Lantern. Hope that ends up better than it is looking like it will. The backup stories are ok. the tarot-themed crimes are at an end, with everything pointing to Riddler. Which, you know, makes sense with the eventual hinting at a reveal. I was sort of thinking that was who it was. Not the version it seems to be, but at least I was close with the Riddler thing. Also some fights, in a graveyard. Bad guys have their pieces of the Trinity's trinity. So, now what? I do wonder how this story will be able to last a year without dragging on too long. I am starting to wonder if I still want to buy it. I keep it up, for the Bagley art. Otherwise, I could wait and read the trade at a Barnes and Noble in a year.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #6: I wish Dan Jurgens was drawing this as well as writing it. I'm not liking the art in this much at all. This issue was kind of neat, finding out about how Superman got to where he is at. Plus, Batman meets Batman, and the Tangent Outsiders are born. Next issue should be awesome. Superman vs. Superman. The back-up story is kind of interesting for a reminder as to what all the Tangent Universe is all about, a good thing since the original Tangent stuff was something like 10 years ago.

The Spirit #20: Spirit is roped into helping a children's field trip at an aquarium. Then he solves a murder dealing with dolphins. Nothing super special, but nothing disappointing either. Solid comic, as usual.

Batman Detective Comics #848: Man, I love that this comic is numbered in the 800's. How sweet is that. Anyhow, this was an interesting addition the the story. Hush and Catwoman fight, then she reveals his face, which we do not get to see, but it shocks her. We get Batman punching a kid...Venomed up, but still a kid. Then there is the flashback, showing more if Hush's past, including the allusion that he was the friend who was engaged to the new Ventriloquist. Finally, the big final page, which is shocking and completely implausible. Looking forward to more.

Simon Dark #11: This one was funny. I seem to remember the series not being this funny to begin with, but has had a definite humor aspect to it over the last few issues. An interesting issue, for the origin of Simon, and his choice at the end. Can't wait for the next issue.

Booster Gold #11: See, this is why I think Dan Jurgens should be drawing his Tangent comic. This is lovely stuff. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about this one, since it is the first with the lack of Johns on the writing. But, you know, this was still really good. I liked the batman and team vs. Killer Moth at the beginning, then the impostor Moth later on. The Change to the timestream was quite fun, where they were able to save a Gotham without Batman, but managed to make it worse with Killer Moth actually not being a joke of a villain. Alfred is also quite kick ass, but we already knew that.

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