Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, I picked up that Timestorm 2009-2099 thing. It's interesting.

So far, the characters they have been using are all preexisting ones. I like that. No reason to create a new character, when the originals work. Though, some have been redone a bit. Kron Stone, for example, seems less of a sociopath and more of a Flash Thompson (teenager era). I am pretty cool with the alterations they have made on that front.

The new looks so far have been limited, and pretty cool. I like that Jake Gallows isn't some rogue cop in a costume, but a regular cop on a special mission. All cops dressed in that armor is an odd look, but not bad. Cerebra is still a crappy redo in the way she looks. I really hate that one.

So, what about thematic changes? It looks like instead of the dystopia they had in the originals, it is more of an information overload in this one. This works pretty well, since it is a bit more thematic for current audiences. I think the old stuff would probably have worked ok too, but I can see the change for what it is. It seems to be working so far.

This has so far not impressed overly, but hasn't disappointed either. I will be buying the next issue, which looks like a Ghost Rider intro. So, we will see if they can keep this 2099 fanboy happy. If it keeps up at this rate, or gets better, then i would buy a new 2099 ongoing if one happens. I hope that it does, actually. I want more 2099.

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