Friday, July 13, 2007

Almost Nearly On Time

Last week I was actually going to post mostly on time for once. I had a large part of my pull list on time. Not all of my pull list, as I was a little early and had no patience to wait. I was going to review what I had and finish up with the rest this week with this weeks comics. Instead, i am doing last weeks tonight and this weeks sometime later (hopefully tomorrow). Oh, and just to be completely out of whack, I also have a comic I read previously and finally decided to buy in the mix as well. Now, on with the reviews. Probably shorter than normal, as it is sleepy time.

The Tick Comic Com Extravaganza: Holy hell, but I love the Tick. This was like every comic/sci-fi/gaming convention I have ever been to. With more fighting. Fun stuff.

Fables 63: Planning for the war. Redemption for Flycatcher. The return (somewhat) of Bluebeard. Mayor Charming is turning out to be quite effective in this role, which is a total shock. I was expecting a massive failure, instead of this actual good leader. What a nice surprise.

Stormwatch PHD 9: Lots of talking, little action. Disappointing resolution. This issue was ok, I guess.

Madman 3: Now, this is what I am talking about. I love me some Mike Allred writing. I love me some Mike Allred art even more. He's the reason I bought X-Statix back in the day. Anyhow, this shit is trippy. Existential and whacked out in a acid trip gone oh-so-right sort of way. I also love how each issue recaps the last by showing the entire previous issue on a single page in thumbnail. What a great idea. This issue is even more cool for the mass of comic homages Allred tosses in. Stunning.

Shadowpact 15: Um, I don't even remember what all happened in this one. Blue Devil talking with his family in Hell and some Doctor Gotham stuff. Apparently, not very great since I forget the whole thing beyond that.

Green Lantern 21: I bought this solely because it is Sinestro Corps stuff. That is how cool this idea is. It has me buying some comic I wouldn't normally care about to read the whole story. Still need to go back and get all of the back issues for Tales of the Sinestro Corps. This was a decent second chapter of the story arc. More set up before the meat of the story.

Annihilation: Conquest Prologue: I read this when it came out, but didn't initially buy it. After thinking on how much I liked this, and how much I was beating myself up over missing the first Annihilation event (since remedied with the 3 hardcovers), I decided I might as well get this. I love the Phalanx, and saw that one coming as soon as the Space Knights acted strange. Can't wait for the rest of this event.

Annihilation: Conquest Wraith 1: I am so confused, yet so intrigued by this. Haven't actually read the Annihilation stuff I have yet, so don't know how much that will clear things up. As I never really got into the big space stuff from Marvel, I have little idea what I need to read to know what the hell is happening.

Nova 4: Fun stuff. Pretty art. Great ending. Not much more to say.

The New Avengers 32: What the hell was this crap? An entire issue of playing "Who's a Skrull" on a plane, followed by a crash. No cool action. Nothing that makes this issue mean anything to me. Still hate the art. In fact, the art is so bad in this, I spent half the issue mistaking Ronin for Iron Fist. Hopefully this will get interesting again soon.

X-Factor 21: Another comic that was pretty much just a slow build. Unlike the New Avengers, though, this was actually a good read. Peter David is a master of snappy dialogue and fun characterization. On top of all that, he ties in with plot threads that have been around for a while, and makes them remain interesting and viable throughout that time.

Ultimatre X-Men 84: Bishop does some more team building. We get the return of the Fenris twins (why?). Some badass Sentinel stuff. Ultimate Stryfe. The return of Psylocke. Still not completely trusting Bishop. Though, i have to admit, training Dazzler to improve her abilities is kind of nifty.

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