Friday, July 20, 2007

Comics of the Week

Got my comics Thursday. What day s it now? Started to review as I read. Here we go...

The Weapon 2: I dunno. On the one hand, this had some very cinematic fighting in it. On the other, there wasn't much of the fight. At least, not enough to make me feel this was kick ass. Still a decent read.

The Darkness Level 5: The end of the retelling of the origin of the Darkness. Makes me want to play the game when it is finally released. Nothing new or exciting here. Just some fun mafia killing and demons. Actually, that is pretty exciting when I say it out loud. Rock!

Lenore 13: Oh my god, I always forget how fucking crazy funny this comic is. With only one new issue a year on average, it is easy to forget. I wish this was at least a bimonthly comic so I could get my fix more regularly. Then again, working at that pace may tire Mr. Dirge out, and then we would be left with sub par work. I hate conundrums like that.

Green Lantern 18, 19, 20: Nothing to say here, other than to note I finally picked up the back issues of this with the Sinestro Corps stuff in it.All those back-up stories were fun, and the main story was interesting enough to get me thinking.

All Flash 1: A sort of wrap up to the last series and reintroduction to the return of the original series. Didn't like the various art styles in the book. I like my comics to have one artist per story, than you kindly. Also, not much of anything interesting in this other than the fate of Inertia. I will likely continue to buy the Flash comics for a little while longer. I just with Bart wasn't dead. He was my favorite Flash related character.

The Spirit 8: I have said it before and I will say it again. I love comics that are "done in one" and still maintain a bit of continuity. This issue does that, with the return of an old friend and an old foe. Some of the amnesia stuff with Satin was a little stupid (not knowing the word for "eyes" or "mask"? C'mon already). I did, however, like the way it ended. Stupid of a solution as it was, it somehow worked for me. Plus, the Spirit getting hit by two ladies was funny.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 26:
All-ages Galactus? Hell's yeah. Even better, this issue managed to retell the Galactus story in fewer issues than Lee/Kirby did, without the Watcher, and without the Ultimate Nullifier. Reed's idea to defeat Galactus was awesome, and the story ended up with the same result. Brilliant.

Mystic Arcana: Black Knight: The origin of the Black Knight. This was a nice bit of Arthurian legend with some Marvel craziness thrown in. I quite enjoyed the story. Not really a huge fan of the Ian McNee story stuff from this one, but have to admit liking his arrogance and determination. Looking forward to the next two issues in this series. Scarlet Witch next. Woohoo.

Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's Eleven 1: Ocean's Eleven meets lame super villains. Decent start, but I reserve judgement for later on in the series.

The Order 1:
I dunno. I was really not impressed with this one. Somehow, when I read the initial idea behind this, I expected it to have existing characters on the team. People like Wonder Man and Dazzler, you know. Existing heroes who were also celebrities. Not this team of nobodies who are given limited duration powers. The idea of a cycling team is cool, like Exiles should have done more. Also a bit disappointed in how Pepper Potts was portrayed. Kind of skanky to be hitting on a dude this soon after being widowed.

Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures: Meh.

The Initiative 4: MVP? Back from the dead? A clone maybe? I dunno what is happening there, other than MVP may be back. Which kicks ass, as I liked the character a lot. Also, Trauma on a "black ops" Initiative team. An explanation for why the nano power inhibitors didn't work on the Hulk. This comic is getting better and better. I just wish they would stop using the term "New Warrior" as if it were an insult. That's just crap.

Annihilation: COnquest Quasar 1: Phyla-Vell's mom is a bitch. Super-Adaptoid is awesomeness incarnate. Liking this mini so far.

Captain America 28: The plot thickens, and I can't wait to see what happens. All of this build to something huge, and it feels like that something is just around the corner. Dunno how much of this was planned from the start, but I am willing to give Brubaker a lot of credit for it regardless. If it was planned out from the beginning, that kicks ass. If it was a fairly recent idea, he has done a great job of making it seem like a long distance plan. Either way, Captain America rocks. Even if Cap is dead.

Ultimate Spider-Man 111: Talking heads. Lots of talking heads. Not really the best issue to have Bagley go out on. A shame he is leaving too. I can get why, but it will still be sad to see him go. Still, love this series.

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