Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kneel Before Zod

Ok, so, I just watched Superman II for the first time ever. I just want to know why it took me so long to finally see it. This movie is amazing.

True, it does suffer from the usual faults of a movie from the 70's/80's with the sometimes crappy acting and goofy dialogue. Hell, a lot of the plot is rather goofy anyhow. But, man do the effects stand up to the test of time. Even in today's world of CG everything, I was impressed with some of the effects. The lunar scene in particular really had me excited.

I also loved the attention to detail, like when Superman reflects Zod's heat vision back at him. The sign behind Zod not only became scorched, but left a general outline of his body on it. That's something I wasn't expecting, especially after the goofy fight under the street (one of many moments I was laughing at the film and not with it).

My only real issue is the crazy assed powers. Telekinesis? Teleportation? Holographic doubles? Amnesia kiss? Cling wrap "S" logo? Where the hell did those come from, and what were the filmmakers smoking when they came up with those?

Also, how the hell did Clark get repowered after "permanently" losing his powers for Lois?

Anyhow, complaints aside, I really loved this movie. I see now why Superman I and II are considered great, and were canon for Superman Returns, but III and IV were sort of forgotten. Well, except the red kryptonite in Superman III. That was kind of fun.

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