Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Amazing Johnny-V

I am here today to pull the greatest trick any blogger has ever done. I will look into the future to see what my reviews of this weeks comics are going to be when I write them next week. I know, it's amazing!

Consumed 2: I know last time I reviewed this comic, I was less than impressed. I said I would give it one more try, then give up. Well, I am glad I did. This issue was so much more fun than the last. Still not nearly as much demony destruction than I was expecting, but the humor makes up for it so much. The goth roommate showing the exact vise she will use on his balls if he hurts Casey. His attempt to cover up her demonic speech at dinner. Hell, even the way he handles being puked on at a restaurant. All pure comedic gold. I am totally down with more of this one.

Ghosting 1: I have to admit, I pick up a lot of Platinum Studios books by chance. None are on my pull list, but I always walk the shelves looking for whatever jumps out at me. This would make three series that I have randomly picked up on a whim so far from this publisher. This series makes two that have been awesome from the start. I am all about frat hazing turned horror. Plus, that whole trick with the "eyeballs" was beyond cool. I want to pull that on someone sometime.

Stormwatch Post Human Division 10: I don't remember why I added this to my pull list back when I actually took the time to recreate it. I had been reading the comics and all, but wasn't really interested in them enough to buy any issues. But, for some reason, I just automatically added the series to my list. And there it has stayed. This issue shows me that it isn't going to be dropped any time soon. I love the creative and silly names for the retired heroes.

The Un-Men 1: What. The. Fuck? Now I kind of want to read the old Swamp Thing issues to find out more about the background of the Un-men. Just strange enough to keep me reading.

Jack of the Fables 13: HAHAHAHA! I love this. "I'm so hot, I should be continued on the next girl." That, my friends, is a great line. Writing perfection. I would date a girl who said that and meant it. Not because she is that hot, but because she is smart enough to come up with something that clever. Babe the (miniature) Blue Ox having his pirate fantasy is another piece of pure gold. Not that I should be surprised. This series has been nothing but funny and fun and full of perfect. I should eat Mr. Bill Willingham's brains to take his power.

Fables 64: The wolf cubs are adorable. 'Nuff said!

Black Adam: The Dark Age 1: Another spur of the moment purchase. Only bought it for the 52 tie-in. Loved 52, so willing to get anything related for now. To be honest, only real tie-ins from this I am looking forward to are the Crime Bible, Booster Gold, and Horsemen things. Everything else is just sort of there to be considered. This issue is what I would expect from the first part of a mini. A lot of lead in with no real meat yet.

Green Lantern 22: What time is it? It's Parallax time, baby! Parallax (the second) vs. Hal Jordan. What a fight. Then the other Lanterns show up (Green and Yellow) and the fight gets even more epic. What I really love here is that the Lanterns don't really like, or even trust Hal. They are there to save him and Ion regardless. Also, what the hell is up with Kyle's mouth on page 14? That's not right man. I have also never seen taunting during a battle used this effectively. I do wonder, however, how the Lanterns are going to be able to defeat the Sinestro Corps without being able to resort to lethal force. The yellow rings seem not to have this limitation. Not really a fair fight. plus, Cyborg-Superman, Superboy Prime, and Anti-Monitor. That's just nasty is what it is.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 30: All Ages Spider-Man. Peter David. A thanksgiving issue a few months early. As per usual, a decent message is made with a fun story in between. There is even the right level of spider-angst in this to pass muster with me.

The Dark Tower Gunslinger's Guidebook: Knowing my love of all things Peter David, is there any question? Knowing my love of all things Dark Tower, is there any question? Knowing my love of the powerhouse duo of Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, is there any question? Knowing my love of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (and similar style books), is there any question? If you had any doubt I would love this book, you have forgotten the face of your father.

The New Avengers 33: I dunno. I don't like this not trusting each other thing they have going on here. Also a little iffy on Dr. Strange and Iron Fist being on the team, but I can handle that. Spider-Woman better not turn out to be evil or a Skrull, since she's the main reason I am reading this comic. I do want to know what the hell is happening with all the sub-plots stretching all the way back to the beginning of this series. I do have to admit, the Hood stuff is going to be interesting. I also liked the art for the flashback, even if Cap was a royal asshole in it.

X-Factor 22: Peter David, you sly devil you. Endangered Species Act. Beautiful. The whole Wolfsbane/Rictor thing is also quite nice. This series does suffer from a lack of Strong Guy. He needs to be seen more. I think half Madrox, half Guido would be ok. Maybe one third each, and a third everyone else. Oh, except you need some Layla in there. I guess she should be like half the comic, and just share the spotlight with whoever else is around or something. But, I digress. Damn, that ending makes me want more. Really, that's all I have left to say.

Nova 5: First things first, I can't wait until this series has a chance to actually stand on its own. So far it has all be tying in with the latest event. Will be interesting to see it as a regular ongoing. Though, after this issue and the tail end of the last issue, I wonder how they will manage to make that happen. Nearly killing, and then infecting, Nova off do not make for an easy time for the title character. Do they? Also, two to many jokes about how tight the Nova uniform is. I get it, the uniform is showing off her ass. No need to keep reminding me.

Annihilation: Conquest Wraith 2: I have been wondering how the editors of the various Annihilation: Conquest minis have reconciled the fact that Ronan is leading the Kree underground in one series and working as a Phalanx jailer in another. Still no real answer. Unless the Wraith series is supposed to be taking place later in the timeline, which makes me wonder why it was released first. Arg, continuity gaffes annoy me. I rarely notice them, so if I am finding one it must be pretty bad. At least in this issue, they sort of give themselves an out with the control not being final or anything until it is willingly accepted. Also give the writers of Nova an out. Good idea, there. The origin of Wraith is totally badass. A protoplasmic, soul-eating, symbiote that gives immortality. Pain to reproduce memories. Creepy cool. I wish I came up with this.

Ultimate X-Men 85: Still not trusting Bishop. Still wanting to know who the hell this Stryfe is, since we know it isn't the Ultimate version of Cable (or even a young Cable/clone Cable thing). Want to know why the Fenris twins are back at all, let alone using Sentinels to attack mutants. Also, wonder what the heck is going on with Dazzler being more powerful than she seems. Oh, and the Hank not being dead thing too. Lots of questions. Waiting for answers.

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