Friday, August 3, 2007

A Week Late, A Week Early

That's right, faithful readers (are there any of you out there anyhow...), we have my comics on time for once. Sort of. A day late buying, and another day late because I was too into Harry Potter to read my comics yet. But, it was a slow week so this should go fast.

The Red Star Sword of Lies 2: Wow, I am totally lost. It has been so long since I read the other Red Star books that I totally don't remember what is going on right now. All I know is the story is good overall and the art is lovely.

Zero Killer 1: I love this book already. Post-Apocalypse New York. Gangs living in the ruins of the city's towers. This issue had a good set up of the world, both in the actual story and in the two pages at the end with some military training and news pieces. I love book with those extras to flesh out the world. More interesting to know the whole world, and sometimes you just can't do that within the actual story. I'm coming back for more soon.

Unholy Union 1: Yet another Marvel/Top Cow crossover. Usually these suck. Did this one too? Pretty much. Jackie Estacado (The Darkness) on trial for something. Matt Murdock (Daredevil) is his attorney, who gets him acquitted. At celebratory dinner, Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) runs into him. Then Ghost Rider and the Hulk show up. Already this is a stretch and we are only on page 11. I can understand the Darkness/Ghost Rider connection. That makes sense. I can almost forgive the Daredevil bit too. But, the Hulk at the bar really lost me for some reason. Then we also get some Dr. Strange and Cyberforce cameos. To top it all off, there is no real plot. The entire thing is pretty much "Nice dinner, veiled threats, real threats, big fight, anti-climax, buy more comics, the end." More crappy lead in for the First Born event, which actually looks interesting enough without the extra shit they are tossing out for it. No reason to drag Marvel through the muck in the process.

Faker 1&2: Read issue 1 when it came out, but never actually bought it. The story almost didn't hook me at first. Seemed like a standard college drama with nasty people. Then there was the whole ending bit where I was drawn in. Took me a month to decide I liked it enough to buy it. So, here we are. How's issue 2? Pretty much the same as the first. Nasty people and college drama. Then a big freaking twist at the end that makes me want to read more. I love this stuff.

The Exterminators 20: The shit hits the fan. Mayan Hissers, which are apparently big fucking roaches responsible for the fall of the Mayans, have made it to America. And they are hopped up on pesticide that acts like steroids for bugs and crack for humans. While this is happening, we have drug dealers pushing this very same pesticide via ice cream trucks. Also, the corporations responsible for this drug is bringing in workers from some island they own, who have an ancient prophecy about fighting the end of the world. This prophecy happens to tie in directly to a box one of the exterminators tasked with fighting the giant roaches has found. This same exterminator's ex happens to run the corporation responsible for the pesticide drug stuff. With a plot like that, how can I not love this series.

Justice League Unlimited 36: Dude, it's got the Question in it. Of course it's good. I have to admit to loving the Question as he appears in this series and the animated television show. Never read any comics other than 52 with him in them, so no idea how this version compares to the original. Frankly, unless the original is anything like this version, i don't think i care. Conspiracy nut who is actually right is such a fun idea.

Metal Men 1: Ok, first I want to say what I was expecting or hoping for. I wanted some sort of wacky, odd, and fun comic about these strange elemental robots. I got that in part. The Metal men were as fun and full of quips as I wanted, but this wasn't as fun-loving as I wanted. Not to say that it was bad. It was very much not so. The intro and ending hooked me into wanting to see what else is coming along. I am liking this so far.

Batman Detective Comics 835: No Dini? Sad. Still good?'s great. holy crap, the Scarecrow is more scary without his ticks than with them. I got shills reading this one. Any dude who can cause a number of suicides just by simple conversation, and can get the Batman that agitated is a master. This is one of the best portrayals of Scarecrow I have ever seen. Which, I guess isn't saying much since I haven't read a lot of Batman comics, really. Brrr, that's one crazy psycho.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 7: As with previous issues, no need to read to know it is amazing. Read it anyway. I have to. it's natural law that I must do this. To defy the urge to read would mean space-time as we know it would collapse. it's as good as I thought and expected. This is another series that has awesome extras in the back of the book. Short stories detailing more of the history of the setting. Which, really, is quite awesome because the more I learn about the setting, the more i want to learn about it. I cannot wait for Feb '08 for the next Dark Tower comic series..

The New Avengers: Illuminati 4: The Marvel Boy issue. I'm not really sure how I feel about Marvel Boy being canon in the Marvel Universe. That miniseries was so Morrison that it really should almost be considered an alternate reality story. Granted, after the Civil War Young Avengers/Runaways crapfest, we already knew it wasn't so. Doesn't mean I can't dream. Anyhow, this issue is the worst yet. The whole banter at the beginning about their woman problems was pretty lame, and struck me the wrong way somehow. The Marvel Boy stuff was stupid, and completely ignored that Noh-Varr was a Kree from an alternate dimension, so would not have any connection to Mar-Vell. Bah. At least this series ends next month.

The Marvel Tarot: An interestingly confusing supplement to the Mystic Arcana books. Going to have to go back and read this more carefully later. As it is, not really able to review it. It's interesting at least.

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