Friday, August 3, 2007

A Little Stale, But Still Good

Last week's comics are go!

Consumed 1: Ok, I was expecting more from this. Love triangle, demonic possession, played for laughs. Sounded awesome. Except, this issue wasn't. It had some bits that were made of cool. Goth roommate was made of cool. Lecherous priest brother was made of cool. But, really, not enough demon summoning yet. My usual 3 issues of trial time will not apply to this one. One more issue. If this doesn't pick up by then, no more series for me.

The Walking Dead 39: Here's the excitement I was waiting for. We have gun play, zombie attacks, a birth, and all kinds of trouble. I am totally waiting with anticipation for the next issue.

Crossing Midnight 9: What a fun issue. The reprisal for last issue's altercation comes in the form of a rather nasty test. It all ends well, but man was that a cruel thing to do to our lovely leading lady.Just bring in all kinds of past memories, that are lost but on the edge of her mind. Ouch. Loving it.

Teen Titans Go! 45: Two for one issue. Beast boy telling his origin story, in his own way. Quite funny too. All of the grandstanding and elaboration, mixing truth with fiction. The know-it-all kid totally wins at life, too. Cyborg's origin is touching, and the love interest referring to what I assume is a previous issue is more of that lovely continuity. This comic is still a great one.

Green Lantern Corps 14: More Sinestro Corps stuff. We get Green Man atoning for past sins that are not really all his fault, and finding forgiveness. We get Mogo and an appearance by Sinestro's version of the same. Best of all, we have Sinestro fighting Soranik Natu and defeating her in a fantastically ingenious way. That, my friends, is evil genius at work.

Teen Titans 49: Meh. Amazons Attack tie-in, with no really great bits. Hate those army dudes for being stereotypical army dudes. Superman was kind of cool. Next issue should improve greatly, I hope.

Marvel Adventures Hulk 1: I bought this, just because my pull list includes all Marvel Adventures books. I was not expecting to like it. The Hulk is just not really my thing. Character's a cool idea and all, just don't really care enough to...well, care. But, man was this a fun retelling of his origin. I am totally looking forward to more of this series. Which is great, because the Iron Man series in this line has not impressed much yet.

Marvel Adventures Iron Man 3: Speak of the devil. Plantman as a villain was fun, just to see this lame character brought out for not real reason. But, the issue was all but forgettable really. Considering dropping this title.

Marvel Adventures Giant-Size Avengers: Avengers. Agents of Atlas. Kang. Really, that is all you need to make for a fun comic right there. The alternate reality, and time travel were super-awesome fun. I am loving this series more and more. By far the best of the Marvel Adventures all-ages line, I think. On top of all that, this issue also had the reprinted first appearances of Venus and Namora. The Venus story was so-so, but Namora was everything Golden Age comics were meant to be. You just can't go wrong.

X-Men 200: As I have not been reading this series, and don't really care to, I didn't really get much out of the issue. The Endangered Species bit was kind of fun. Would have been more so if I had not already read Part 3 first. Really, only bought this for the amazingly awesome cover.

The Mighty Avengers 4: I. Fucking. Hate. Thought. Bubbles. At least, the way Bendis does them in this series I do. I will give until the end of this story arc before I finish judging this series, but so far I am only partially liking it. Ultron's return, and new form are fun. The use of Stark's Extremis powers to totally fuck with the world is fun. Ares using the bottom half of an Iron Man suit as a gun is FUCKING AWESOME! TO THE MAX! But, the though bubbles are killing this thing for me.

The Immortal Iron Fist 7: A nice filler issue, which was sort of expected what with the initial story having been meant for a mini-series. This also happened to be just as much fun to read as the first arc was. More history about previous bearers of the power are great to read. I would love it if they did this between every story arc. As the introductory blurb says, there have been 66 men and women to wield the iron fist. That's a lot of history to tell. Enough that they could do an entire series with just those stories. I am sure a few fillers here and there would not be bad at all.

Annihilation: Conquest Starlord 1: The Space Dirty (half)Dozen. A fun concept. Written by Keith Giffen. A great idea. The characters they picked. Somewhat of a confusion there. I get some of the reasons for imprisonment. I wish they would have explained how and why the Celestial Madonna (aka Mantis) was imprisoned. I am looking forward to reading more. Rocket Raccoon is badass.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 44: Creepy Silver Surfer is a member of a creepy space hippy cult. Actually, no, not hippys. Jonestoewn stuff. I can just see it. This was a strange issue, but I think it will only get more strange with the whole leaving earth for the King's version of Heaven." Should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Giffen’s misinterpretation of Mantis is that it invalidates the entire storyline, to the extent that Mantis does anything significant. His interpretation of her powers and history is wrong. It’s as if he had hazy memories of the character from Englehart’s ‘70s AVENGERS run, recollected that she married a tree, and decided, “Yeah, I can make fun of that.”

A parody doesn’t automatically work. A writer has to know what he’s supposed to be parodying. In the case of Mantis, Giffen clearly doesn’t know.

Steven R. Stahl (SRS)