Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Catch Up Reviews, Part 2: The Dread Competitor

In which we examine the comics offerings of one half of the "Big Two."

Teen Titans Go! 46: Another issue with some continuity tying it with others. Also ties with the actual show, which I don't see as often in these. As usual, the chibi bits along the margins are freaking adorable. My only real complaint is that Madame Rouge was a very lousy spy in this, making lots of obvious slip ups (like the knowing what pizza was and such). She is supposed to be experienced at this, and among the best. She would not be likely to make such simple mistakes. On the other hand, Blackfire was great in her denial of any knowledge. Still a good read.

Justice League Unlimited 37: I loved the beginning, with the Spectre trashing a prison. Turing Superman into glass was awesome. Turning Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter into candles was even better. As was pointed out on another blog, a particularly ironic and painful punishment for those two. This middle bit got a bit confusing. Not in the "I have no idea what is happening" way, but in the "I have no idea why this is happening" way. Then end was quite good, though.

The Spirit 9: Holy wow. For a series that is pretty much a lot of "done in one" stories, this one was quite good for setting up future developments. El Morte is totally badass, and his origin is quite awesome as well. The more I read this series, the more I want to go back and find the original stories to get more acquainted with the character as a whole.

Green Lantern Corps 15:Damn, this art is fantastic. This Sinestro Corps use of Ranx (who I had to look up online, as I have never read an actual Green Lantern story, not counting some Alan Moore stuff, before this crossover) to fuck Mogo up is pretty sweet...and nasty. I am loving this stuff.

Infinity Inc. 1: Natasha's dream is freaky. Not unexpected, given what she went thorough in 52. That Dale kid is both sad and scary at the same time. I am loving him already, if he remains/becomes a villain. I am also really intrigued by Gerome's duplicate and Natasha's...whatever the hell happened.

Metal Men 2: This jumping back and forth is really making it hard for me to follow this comic. Not that I mind too much. I am still loving ever page. The science lesson was totally fun, and from what I understand a very original Metal men thing. The last page with the Death metal men was funny on many levels, and total cool.

52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen 1: This suffered from a bit of a poor layout. There were things happening that were not immediately apparent to me until explained later. Like that whole Hunger thing. I didn't get that the soldiers and guards were trying to eat each other. I just saw Batman and Superman kicking their asses for some reason. Only after the fight did I understand, and only from the dialogue. Still and interesting enough idea that I will continue reading.

Teen Titans 50: The flashbacks to memories of Kid Flash/Impulse were all quite fun. Great insight into a great character. I am wondering if the writers will either cover the story about why Ravager acts like such a slut, or will maybe stop. She's a good enough character without having to try to get with every guy in the book. The part with Wally's letter to Barry about becoming a real hero was heartwarming. The Blue Beetle crossover was fun, except I liked it better in the actual Blue Beetle comics. Robin seems like an asshole in this version of it, while in the other comic he was more of a helpful potential mentor. Finally, the return of the future Titans is a dream come true for me. That was the arc that got me into this series to begin with. Plus, the fact that the two adult Titans to show themselves at them end are the two dead Titans is just...evil.

Batman Detective Comics 836: Only one thing to say here. Scarecrow is my new favorite Batman villain. Damn.

And with that, we are done with this section of reviews. Come back later for the final installment.

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