Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catch Up Reviews, Part 3: The Marvelous

Now for the final installment.

Marvel Adventures Iron Man 4: Well, this book is getting better, isn't it? Spymaster taking over Iron Man's suit as an excuse for Justin Hammer to take over Stark International. A rather robust plot, and handled well in this issue. This is a story that other comics would have had take at least 3 issues.

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 27: I'm a sucker for a story involving the Inhumans. This one was no exception. Human Torch meeting the family of a mysterious girl he meets, who turns out to be Crystal of the Inhumans. Between the Fantastic Four pretending to be more normal, and the Inhumans acting suspicious, this is bound to turn into a standard classic marvel meeting of two teams. That being a good old fashioned brawl. Of course things are all worked out in the end, but while the fighting is going on it is crazy.

Marvel Adventures Avengers 15: Starting with a fight against sentient trees and ending with a feast in Valhalla. What more could you want from a comic? How about a smiting song? Hells yeah. We all need more smiting songs.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 31: Spider-Man is jealous of the Human Torch. Human Torch visits Spider-Man's school. Chaos ensures when Pyro takes control of Human Torch. Situation(s) resolved. Standard stuff, with a few great Pater David lines in there for added measure.

The Order 2: Britney Spears/Paris Hilton hybrid character turned superhero is the focus of this issue. The team fights a bunch of Soviet super-soldiers who failed to notice the Cold War is over. We learn that the former team were fired for drinking not because they drank so much as that the alcohol counteracted their powers. Nice touch there. But, really, the best part of this issue can be summed up as such: "Oh my God, y'all! I'm fightin' a bear! Seriously, y'all, I'm punchin' a bear in the face! What the hay is going on?"

Thunderbolts 116: God but I hate this team of assholes. I miss the old team I never read about. Last issue I was sure was the beginning of a new era of bringing back the old team. It still might have been, but not yet. Instead we get threatening to feed people to Venom and Penance kicking someones ass after stabbing himself with a pen. The introduction of Mindwave was cool. The "Who wants to be Captain America" reality show was tasteless, and completely something I would expect to see on television. Ick.

The Immortal Iron Fist 8: Fuck yeah! This comic just gets better and better. The story of how Wendell Rand came to K'un-Lun. A bit of backstory on the Seven Cities of Heaven and how they come together for this tournament. A nice build to what promises to be a spine shattering story of martial arts. Best thing yet, the match-ups are all listed at the end, so we know what to expect for the first rounds.

Avengers: The Initiative 5: What is up with every comic needing to bring together a team of black ops hardasses to be all dark and hardass-y?While I love the way things are shaping up for Trauma, I don't like how some of this comic is going. The whole using the New Warriors as a pejorative annoys me still. Having Henry Peter Gyrich in charge of this stuff is also not the best of choices. But, the recruits are rather enjoyable to follow around. The MVP mystery is bound to return once the World War Hulk stuff calms down (I hope). Mutant Zero is intriguing me greatly. So, overall I guess I still like this one.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 45: As with much of Mike Carey's writing with this series, strange but good. Next issue will be better, as this was mostly just wondering how the Fantastic Four could have forgotten themselves.

Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch: Been so lng since I read this one, I don't remember much. Hot witches. Young Wanda. Crazy Egyptian wizards. More framing story. Sister Grimm is the one I look forward to the most. Next issue.

Super-Villain Team-Up: MODOK's Eleven 3: The team finall makes their attempt at stealing the hypernova. Everythign goes well at first, with each team member doing exactly what they need to do. Then things start to go wrong. living Laser almost forgets his humanity. The Spot abandons the team, stranfding them inside the Infinicide. Puma has his totem repossessed. The Spot is double-crossed. Then the whole thing explodes on them.

Annihilation: Conquest Starlord 2: Dirty Dozen in space makes thier way toward the eventual goal of this mission. Along the way Captain Universe and Deathcry have some issues. Then she dies. Groot looks like he's probably a goner as well. As long as we don't lose anyone else (except maybe Bug), we will not have any problems with this so far.

Annihilation: Conquest & Wraith 3: The story reaches the breakign poitn when Wraith decides to fight back, finally. Ronan allows the Phallanx to take him over finally. Next issue this mini ends, and I suspect we will see a big fight between Ronan and Wraith.

So, anyhow, that it for the catching up. Chack back in a few days for last week's comics.

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