Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kill Me Now

So, this is turning out to be a rather not-fun time for me. Had a graveyard shift over the weekend, scanning the store I work in for inventory. 12.5 hours of scanning t-shirts and shoes was not very fun. On top of that, I caught a cold that hit just as my shift was starting. I am starting to recover, but still not feeling 100%. Finally, I have no extra money for comics for a couple more weeks. So, nothing new for a while. Sad day.

Anyhow, here's the stuff from my last comic run.

Ghosting #4: Meh. It has been too long between issues for me to keep caring much. The art in this one is not too great, but the mystery of who the ghost really is has me interested. Will buy the last issue, just because. I am less likely to get anything by Platinum Studios anymore, though. They just don't quite have anything interesting to offer int he big picture. Unless they do a new Weapon series.

Faker #6: This should have ended 2 issues ago. Finding out the reason nobody remembered Nick was all I cared for. The rest was just sort of uninteresting. The series had a better ending with #4 than it did in this issue. A shame, as Mike Carey and Jock both do good stuff, normally.

The Umbrella Academy #5: On the one hand, I can't wait to see how this ends. On the other hand, i don't want it to end. This is one of the best things to come out of comics in a long time. I am a little disappointed there was no actual indication of who those armored dudes were in the diner, but the fact that 00.05 was able to wipe them out without any real problem was pretty cool. Over the course of this issue, he managed to change from mildly streange to outright creepy. Must have more.

Countdown to Mystery #5: First time I have not liked the Doctor Fate story at all. This was just him getting over his stupidity with the drinking and reading a stupid comic. Only good part was the last panel, where the legacy aspect comes into play. The Eclipso section, on the other hand, was pretty awesome. I love the attempt to use the Eclipso power to do good, in a non-superhero way. It's something you don't ever see in comics, but totally makes sense. Good enough to get the next one.

Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood #4: As with the rest of this one, a good issue. Not a lot to say. Cops being killed by a cop. The reveal that this is all being orchestrated by Flay to indoctrinate Renee into the church. Which was something hinted at previously. The next issue should be fun.

Teen Titans Go! #51: Pretty much noth8ng happens, and yet this is one of the best issues yet. As has been mentioned elsewhere, this was a good redesign of the Geo-Force costume. It was also fun to see the origin of Terra. Quite a good issue.

The Spirit #12: Awesome. Some back story on Denny Colt, plus some good noir action. I will be sad to see Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone go, but the new team should be just as good. I am a huge Mike Ploog fan, and knowing he worked with Eisner back in the day give me hope this will remain good, if not improve. Anyhow, this issue was a fitting farewell to the original team.

Shadowpact #21: This issue was pretty fun, actually. Other than Blue Devil being absent, it looks like the team is getting back together. It wasn't mindblowing or anything, but enough to give the series a reprieve from the chopping block. Plus, Detective Chimp surfing the internet for love on a furry site was classic.

The Flash #236: A smart end to an ok story. A nice twist, tying the back-up stories with the main arc. I wasn't expecting that, but did enjoy it. Not enough to really continue this series. It's not bad, I just don't really care about this Flash as much as Bart. May give it another shot, may not. Depends on if I remember to take it off my list before the next issue. Hah.

Teen Titans #55: In the aftermath of the future Titan's return, the team is pretty messed up. Kid Devil and Ravager's seeming romance is over as she has moved on to an interest in Blue Beetle. Kid Devil is not taking that so well, which looks like it will lead directly to the future version of him we just saw. Miss Martian looks like she had started to go crazy, with her future self imprisoned inside her mind. Robin and Wonder Girl break up, and it isn't pretty. Wonder Girl sends Supergirl away, and this is also not pretty. All the while, some new villain is watching and preparing to take them down. This is a great issue for following up on the last story as well as leading directly into the next one.

Booster Gold #6: Made of awesome. Solid time. A pulse to liquefy solid time. 4 Blue Beetles at once. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle II together again, and joking while they fight their enemies. What works best is that the timeline hasn't changed. At all still happened like everyone remembers. The only difference, now we have the Blue and Gold back in action. One of the more satisfying returns of a dead character.

Marvel Adventures Iron Man #9: Tony comes to terms with his father, while saving the life of a young boy. Decent issue. What I like is that the last couple of these have had covers that initially seemed to be just random pin-ups of Iron Man, which were cool enough. Then, after reading the story, you see that they actually tie in really well. Much better random cover = actual contents than many comics pull off.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #35: Hahaha, that was funny. Venom trying to get Spider-man with the ploy of being a sidekick. Well executed and a good read. Plus, White Rabbit. Nobody ever uses White Rabbit.

Marvel Adventures Avengers #20: Another solid one. Hank Pym disappears. Giant Girl goes to figure out what happened to him. Spider-Man tags along. It turns out to be a bit of deliberate miscommunication, ending with the introduction of Atlas (though he isn't named as such in this). A decent story, with some fun Pym/Van Dyne romance involved.

Young Avengers Presents: Patriot: Very nice. We see the intelligent, truly patriotic high school kid speaking his mind, and his "patriotic" classmates missing the point and being idiots. Then the smart kid does what we have all wanted to do, and gets himself in trouble. Which is all a roundabout way of introducing him to Bucky. The end result is Patriot and Bucky having a talk about Cap and what true heroism means. Very touching and a good reintroduction to the character.

The Order #7: A lot of talk between Namor and Henry. Mostly just Namor being a dick, and then being shown up. Nothing fantastic. The next issue should be better.

Immortal Iron Fist #12: A bit more backstory on the troubles within K'un-Lun. Impending revolution over a fascist leader. We also see the Prince of Orphans do his thing, which makes the short round in last issue better by way of foreshadowing. Outside, in the real world, Hydra is about to blow some shit up. This is why this series is ongoing instead of the limited run it was originally meant to be.

Ultimates 3 #2: I dunno. Hawkeye like this isn't really feeling correct. Captain America seems a bit off as well. What's with the telling someone off for saying "crap" but letting a "bitch" go from his teammate. The Quicksilver siding with Magneto bit sort of works. I'm also wondering why there was a need for the "Two Seconds Ago" caption for the last page. Either there's something i missed, or Jeph Loeb thinks we are too dumb as readers to understand Wolverine just arrived at the scene. Will continue to buy, since I will buy anything Ultimate. But that's the only reason why.

Ultimate Iron Man II #2: A great issue. Other than Tony being able to regrow limbs like that, I am liking this look at his youth much better than the first series. This is all working out to be a great story.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #50: All of that lead in finally begins to pay off. The Cosmic Cube activates, basically taking out a section of Manhattan and prompting the return of Thanos and the Seed 19 team. Fan and Shit are about to have a confrontation. Will be fun to read.

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Nick Alan Jones said...

I have to personally apologize for the lateness of the Ghosting #4. So many factors have to fall into place for a book to come out on time and the guys in Platinum's Content Development work pretty long hours to bring all the pieces into play, but as you have witnessed, delays can happen. We never really "retire" our characters or comic series, so there is always the possibility of a return of The Weapon... no promises though :-P Fred Van Lente is just awesome, so you’ll definitely see more Platinum Comics with his title attached… maybe even as early as this March (subtle, right) :-) Anyway, Platinum has several new titles coming out that I think will grab your interest, so I hope you give us another shot. The preview book for Gunplay will be in comic stores this March, so be sure to check that out. It’s the 2007 winner of the Platinum Studios Comic Book Challenge. You can check out the Gunplay blog here, www.GunplayTheComic.com and there will be some pretty cool features coming to that site really soon, including some work from a creator you might recognize… Christopher Priest. I’ll check back… I’d love to hear what you think of it. In the mean time, check out Incursion!! I’m actually one of the characters that gets killed in the fourth issue. Now, how cool is that?!? Thanks for reading... and happy blogging