Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Epic Fail

So much for my "semi-daily" posts, huh? I just never have anything to say, I guess. I do have more comics to review, at least. A lot, actually. Lack of funds meant a large pile of comics waiting when I finally had the money. Here's the appetizer.

Ghosting 5#: So, I finished this series off. I wasn't terribly impressed. Too much story left to be resolved in a single issue. It felt rushed. Which means I guess I am done reading Platinum books...or am I? The previews of upcoming books caught my eye (as it always does). That section is how I ended up finding this series as well as Consumed. This time, it looks like Big Badz and Gunplay may be good. So, depending on my whims at the time I see them, I may read.

The Darkness #2: I am of mixed feelings on this new Darkness series. On the one hand, the art's not too bad. Pretty standard for a Top Cow book, really. The changes to Jackie's powers and the new uses he is finding, also not bad (even pretty damned cool at times). The Darkness as a drug/ruling a South American country thing...not so much in what I want to read. I'll keep reading for now, because the story is just unique enough to have my attention.

Locke & Key #1: I am so glad I found this. What a fun idea for a comic. A horribly violent and tragic start, with a few strange tweaks along the way, and a cliffhanger ending that got my attention. Some of the dialogue among the characters seemed a bit off a couple times, but mostly this was made of awesome. Another plus is that this is the first IDW comic I have ever purchased as singles, rather than the trade.

Fables #69: What a great ending to a great storyline. While I still am not a fan of the focus on the war and all, I have to admit loving the way Flycatcher was able to go from janitor to king, and take the Adversary down a notch. The interplay between him and Red Riding Hood is also very endearing. This was an ending I was not completely expecting, and quite enjoyed.

Jack of the Fables #19: As always, loving Fables leads to worshiping Jack. The "map" of Americana is great, and very well thought out. A clever idea filled with clever-er ideas. I just can't wait to see how Jack ends up finding, and losing, the treasure he seeks.

Crossing Midnight #15: Gah, this one really messed with me. Losing and eye to your sister has got to be one of the worse things than can happen to you. The way this thing twists and turns, it is a little sad to think it is not going to be continuing for years to come. On the flip side, it is best it ends when it ends, and not get dragged on forever just because.

Madman #6: I have no idea what is going on in this series, and yet, I don't really care. Mike Allred's art can get me to buy just about anything. Oh, and I loved the back cover gag. That was awesome.

The Walkign Dead #46: The obvious happens, made even more so by the cover. It is a mildly shocking and very tragic death, but one that makes sense. If Kirkman handles the aftermath right, once the rest of this storyline dies down a bit, it could prove to be a major emotional turning point for some characters. The "twist" ending was also one I saw coming a mile away. Still fun, though.

Umbrella Academy #6: So, this one comes to its end. An interesting, if somewhat unsatisfying, end. Not to say this wasn't good. It just wasn't as good as the rest of the series. Which, I suppose, is to be expected of a series as stunningly amazing as this has been. I do find it interesting that by the end half of the cast is not really available for further action. Out of the 7 kids (and one monkey), 2 are dead, 1 is powerless, 1 is out of commission for a long time (possibly forever) and pretty much powerless now, and the other 4 are pretty much still fine. I do want to see more of this team, and will likely love this new comic legacy much like I do Hellboy. I just am unsure how they will continue on, withiout restorting to flashback stories.

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